This website is a companion to the second, revised, and expanded edition of the book The Affirmative Action Hoax: Diversity the Importance of Character and Other Lies, which was published in 2010. It is now available from the publisher and

Update, August 2011: In Additions is a supplement to one of the most controversial arguments in my book: that affirmative action victimizes whites more than Asians.

Please see Corrections for corrections of errors in the second edition. THIS IS IMPORTANT. One of the errors is serious and may obstruct understanding my book.

The header bar also has More Information on Genetic Determinism. In it are several documents for download that I have prepared. I have substantially revised one of them: "Sub-Saharan Africa since the End of European Colonial Rule."

I have also added a new document to those that can be downloaded: The Holocaust and its Parallels. It is a monograph I wrote, which was published by the Free Market Foundation of Southern Africa. Its full title is Prejudice Is Free, but Discrimination Has Costs: The Holocaust and its Parallels. It is 79 pages, not including the four-page preface and the six-page bibliography. In it, I analyze the catastrophic consequences of affirmative action on four continents. The last half is devoted completely to the Holocaust. I demonstrate that the Holocaust was both the most ruthless implementation ever undertaken of affirmative action (i.e., government action to solve the perceived problem of the greater success of an ethnic or racial group) and also the most systematic assault ever undertaken against racism. (If the word racism is used with its most common current meaning: a racist society is one in which some races are more successful than others; and a racist is someone who offers the only correct justification for that situation: that more successful races are more intelligent than less successful races.)

Popular misunderstanding of the Holocaust has made it by far the most serious barrier to disseminating the facts about genetically inherited racial and ethnic differences. The reason is that the Left has hijacked the Holocaust to use it as a club with which to beat its enemies: genetic determinism; Social Darwinism (which the Left equates with free-market capitalism); Christianity (especially Roman Catholicism); and most of all, White "racism". I point out on pages 63-74 of my monograph that all these explanations of the cause of the Holocaust are nonsense. In particular, the Nazis had no interest in race, as physical anthropologists define it: Caucasian, Oriental, Negro. The only race that interested them was Jews. Everyone in the world who was not a Jew was an Aryan.

The facts I present in this monograph are not new. Everything I say in it is known to professional scholars, many of whom I cite.

Unfortunately, I wrote my monograph before I became aware of Robert Bannister's Social Darwinism (1979). In it, Bannister demonstrates that no one ever considered himself to be a Social Darwinist. "Social Darwinist" was always an accusation made to discredit an opponent.